there's a shit podcast i listen to called failing upwards. i don't mean it's the shit. i mean it's shit, like truly terrible. it's from the folks at barstool sports and is "the best fashion podcast in sports" which tells you everything you really need to know. i digress. they have a section in their pod called "fuck with, not fuck with (working title)" where they talk about shit they are or are not into as you'd guess. i tell you all this so that when i say i'm not fucking with blog post titles, you get it.

the last few months i've been riding (bicycles, duh) alot. not alot for like guys that wear the full kit and spent blank-thousand dollars on a bike but i did 117 miles last week on my $320 single speed bike. i noticed i've been getting alot stronger, but also much hungrier and realizing when i have or haven't eaten sufficiently. i'm also not losing weight.

i dig my body overall but also being a 5'10, TWO HUNDRED POUND girl isn't something i go out of my way to tell people. and, as i'm supposed to be running a marathon in november, i figured i should get my food situation sorted out for two reaons: 1) i'm tired of getting hungry on a long ride getting home and eating anything filling (like pasta or bread) and 2) if i didn't have to carry 200 pounds with me on this marathon in november i'd be pretty fucking happy about that.

so over memorial day my friend came to town who is a health/workout mastermind (to me) and i enlisted her to help me figure out my food sitch. (read: she figured all this out for me bc i hate making plans like this but 10/10 will stick to one that is made for me)

we figure i have about 40 el-bees to lose and while i consider myself someone "v into food" i also refuse to cook for just me so we made a boring af menu that fits the bill and that i am 110% down with eating daily.

basically, i'm counting macros & can have ~1700 calories a day but there's like this whole breakdown of protein/fat/carbs that it needs to be. if you give a shit i will share more about it but otherwise i'm mostly telling you all this so when i share updates on this for "personal accountability" and such there's a little more context & you can also definitely judge me for sharing about it.

anyways. the menu starts tomorrow as does the real-ass marathon training i have been barely half-assing the last 2 weeks. let me know if you have thoughts, questions, comments, and mainly suggestions on how to not want to give myself a labotmony bc running is equally exciting and enjoyable.