Here's the thing. I truly get my meal days mixed up. So much so I keep my daily menu in my red moleskine that I carry with me at all times. Essentially, I need to have about 1707 calories a day and the breakdown needs to be: Protein: 30%, Fat: 40%, Carbs: 30%.

Day 1


16oz. Black Coffee (w/ or w/o Truvia)

3 Eggs (cooked w/ 1/2 tbsp Coconut Oil)

1/2 Avocado

4 tbsp Salsa


8oz Turkey Lunch Meat

1 c. 50/50 Spring Mix

1 tbsp Olive Oil Mayo

1 Sprouted Tortilla


1 Can of Chicken (10 oz can, drained is ~6oz)

1 10.8oz Bag of Broccoli (frozen, steam able package) 

1/2 c. Canned Black Beans (reduced sodium)


3 Celery Stalks

4 tbsp Hummus

Packet of Cashews (100 calorie packet)

Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt

So that puts me slightly over 1707 (it's 1737 to be exact). But tbh I'm cycling over 100 miles a week and not too worried about 30 calories. The macro breakdown at the end of the day is Protein: 33%, Fat: 39%, Carbs: 28%. Close enough for me at this point.

Day 2

Same with Day 2, the Essentially, the goal is to have about 1707 calories and the breakdown needs to be: Protein: 30%, Fat: 40%, Carbs: 30%.


1/2 c. Quick Oats (uncooked)

1/4 c. Unsweetened original Almond Milk

1/2 Medium Apple


3 Romaine Leaves

1 Can of Chicken (10oz can, ~6oz when drained)

2 tbsp Olive Oil Mayo

1 tsp Sriracha 

(Mix Chicken, Mayo, Sriracha to take chicken "salad" and put on Romaine Leaves)


1 Turkey Burger Patty

1 Slice Pepperjack Cheese

1/2 Avocado

1/2 Medium Sweet Potato

1 tbsp butter w/ potato


1 Packet of Cashews (100 calorie pack)

3 Celery Sticks

4 tbsp Hummus

1/2 Container of Halo Top

2 cups Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt (5.3oz cup)

And, that is again just about 25-30 calories over, coming in at 1735 calories. The breakdown is Protein: 33%, Fat: 39%, Carbs: 28%.

Obivously this varies a little bit. The other day I was out of avocado so had part of a v dark chocolate bar. Last night I ended up working until 2am and ate a whole bag of Goldfish so today there's no sweet potato, avocado, etc etc. You get the idea. After looking at it every day you can start to figure out what to replace things with or how much of whatever you really enjoy and might not be "healthy" you can have. It looks boring but I've lost 7 lbs in 12 days so I am feeling like the juice is worth the squeeze.

there's a shit podcast i listen to called failing upwards. i don't mean it's the shit. i mean it's shit, like truly terrible. it's from the folks at barstool sports and is "the best fashion podcast in sports" which tells you everything you really need to know. i digress. they have a section in their pod called "fuck with, not fuck with (working title)" where they talk about shit they are or are not into as you'd guess. i tell you all this so that when i say i'm not fucking with blog post titles, you get it.

the last few months i've been riding (bicycles, duh) alot. not alot for like guys that wear the full kit and spent blank-thousand dollars on a bike but i did 117 miles last week on my $320 single speed bike. i noticed i've been getting alot stronger, but also much hungrier and realizing when i have or haven't eaten sufficiently. i'm also not losing weight.

i dig my body overall but also being a 5'10, TWO HUNDRED POUND girl isn't something i go out of my way to tell people. and, as i'm supposed to be running a marathon in november, i figured i should get my food situation sorted out for two reaons: 1) i'm tired of getting hungry on a long ride getting home and eating anything filling (like pasta or bread) and 2) if i didn't have to carry 200 pounds with me on this marathon in november i'd be pretty fucking happy about that.

so over memorial day my friend came to town who is a health/workout mastermind (to me) and i enlisted her to help me figure out my food sitch. (read: she figured all this out for me bc i hate making plans like this but 10/10 will stick to one that is made for me)

we figure i have about 40 el-bees to lose and while i consider myself someone "v into food" i also refuse to cook for just me so we made a boring af menu that fits the bill and that i am 110% down with eating daily.

basically, i'm counting macros & can have ~1700 calories a day but there's like this whole breakdown of protein/fat/carbs that it needs to be. if you give a shit i will share more about it but otherwise i'm mostly telling you all this so when i share updates on this for "personal accountability" and such there's a little more context & you can also definitely judge me for sharing about it.

anyways. the menu starts tomorrow as does the real-ass marathon training i have been barely half-assing the last 2 weeks. let me know if you have thoughts, questions, comments, and mainly suggestions on how to not want to give myself a labotmony bc running is equally exciting and enjoyable.

love you gramps

i feel like these days i'm clinging so tightly and desperately to hope. faith, reason, and believing in things i cannot possibly positively know or understand until i die frustrates me endlessly. i'm doing my damndest to cling to the hope that jesus is god & this faith is correct regardless of the doubt that occasionally swell inside. the hope that heaven exists, and that you're already there. believing that you're there, having put your faith in jesus 4 years ago & without polio and able to run like you would tell me about doing when you were little. that you're with great aunt beth, baldy, and your mom and grandma who you so missed.

i miss you so much grandpa. i feel such a profound sense of loss & loneliness in your absence. the future was always uncertain but there were a few prayers i always prayed. first, that you'd be there when i adopted my kiddo(s). second, that if finding my person & getting married was going to happen for me that you'd at least meet and get to know my person. finally, i prayed i could be with you when you passed on. in the most uncertain, exciting, and frightening transmigration i felt being there for you in that period was the very least i could do after everything you did for me. selfishly too, i wanted to have every last moment possible with you.

you had a bit of a healthy scare over the weekend before new years but i really thought you'd be ok. it had happened before. i had just seen you, you were doing so well, having gained weight and being more mentally sharp than in prior months. i was astounded and so hopeful that all my prayers above were a possibility again.

on monday january 1 i worked from a coffee shop and then was ubering to phillips arena to shoot a conference my church was hosting. mom called while i was in the uber. she explained the changes in your health and that it looked like you didn't have long but no one knew if that meant days or weeks. it's something we'd been trying to prepare for since last august but i'm not sure i could understand. i grasped the facts but couldn't let myself internalize them or i felt like the whole of my insides would crumble. i got to phillips and a few hours later was able to FaceTime you. You were in bed at the hospital, wearing your Wisconsin baseball cap. It was hard for you to speak but you wanted to know what i was up to. what i was doing felt so unimportant i just wanted to leave and immediately fly there. i told you about the conference what i was excited or nervous about, my plans after that. i told you when i was done i would be coming up there. out of habit i said "i'll see you soon". before you always would say "alright well come on up i'll be waiting for you" or some variation. this time you smiled as best as you could and just said something like "well that's fine" or "alright". i knew then you were done hanging on. we exchanged i love yous. it felt like it took everything i had inside to go take photos of students outside. it was sunny out & the sky was so clear which felt promising and exciting and not at all how i was feeling though the cold was cutting which was apropos. i shot the opening session. every hour i'd ask for an update on your health. "still the same" mom would say.

i hardly slept that night. tuesday morning. still the same. shooting session 2 & 3. getting the call that your medicines were working against each other so they were no longer being administered. you were instead being given morphine to be comfortable & were expected to pass within 24 hours. i asked if i talk to you again, you were unresponsive though. mom told me she'd tell you i loved you often while she sat with you. i hope she did. i felt so heartless continuing to work while you were dying but mom and grandma reminded me that's what you'd want me to. no work will ever be worth not being there with you but i tried my damndest. i think you'd like the photos i took, the conference was beautiful and i think the images adequately captured that. 

tuesday night i got back to my hotel and was laying on my bed resting (like john lennon in that photo annie took of him and yoko you always thought was super meh) before getting the motivation to shower. mom called. i almost didn't answer. i told her health updates often via text, death notification by phone. i finally answered and mom was so upbeat. she asked about the day and my photos. eventually she said "well my nicole-y" & her voice cracked at the end. i don't know how long i sobbed. i wanted any person to materialize so i wasn't alone and could have someone to hug.

wednesday morning i was supposed to shoot the program. i showed up and tried to hide the tears while i was shooting the band and arena singing god is so good. i know for sure he is good gramps but i was having a really hard time believing it while i was singing it. they got to the line "i am healed i am whole i am saved in jesus name". you are gramps. i am so happy for you but i wasn't feeling healed or whole so much as like a porcelain vase dropped, shattered, just lying there. i guess i was all twisty because death was so good for you! selfishly it was the very very worst thing imagineable. i love our memories i'm just so sad we can't make more. 

i made it through the day and went to the airport. i had a trip to dc already planned with a friend. no point to cancel. i thankfully had a night flight and was wearing a baseball cap gramps bc i quietly cried the entire flight. i think the guy behind me heard as he looked sympathetically at me the entire time i was at baggage claim. dc was fun but the cloud of the coming week was looming over it. it didn't help you'd lived there and i kept thinking of stories you told. the photos from the washington post, your office in alexandria, the places you always told me to visit. all the photos. i got in an uber after getting dinner one night and the drivers car smelled like you. i don't know whether it was soap or aftershave or what but i immediately felt like i was in your dually truck in albuquerque going to supper rock or the owl cafe or the bosque del apache. i thought about something else before more tears started welling up.

the next few days were hard but there were fewer tears. i was surprised but it made things easier. i thought i was handling it. monday night at my hotel in chicago i woke myself up crying in my sleep. that made more sense.